Approved Training under the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

Please note: Before continuing any further understand that this section applies ONLY to individuals that have been certified Trade Act eligible. Those who are enrolled in the Trade Program will receive an entitlement letter in the mail, listing their company’s certification number and individual information.

If you are not sure if your company is “trade certified” please contact your local Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) office or visit the Department of Labor’s website to search for your employer’s trade status. (

What is TAA Approved Training?

TAA Approved Training is a program under the Trade Act which allows eligible participants to enter a wide variety of re-training programs in order to increase a dislocated worker’s marketable skills and traits.

How do I enroll in TAA Approved Training?

Training under TAA must be pre-approved by the VEC’s TAA Central Office Unit before entering. If a participant wishes to take advantage of training under TAA they must make an appointment with their local VEC Trade case manager.

Is there a time restriction to enter Training under Trade?

Once a participant has received entitlement to TAA he/she is guaranteed the opportunity to apply for TAA training. However, there are certain time frames established that could impact the maximum amount of benefits available while in training (Please see your local TAA case manager for further details).

What is Additional Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA)?

Additional TRA is the weekly benefit only entitled to Trade Act participants who are in a Trade Approved training program and have exhausted all of their eligible Unemployment Insurance. The total amount of TRA eligible weeks is based on the petition certification and may differ from another petition.

I am currently in approved training, how do I report my benefit weeks?

Once a participant has been enrolled in TAA approved training a system block is placed to prevent the student from calling in or reporting their benefit weeks. Instead a bi-weekly training form (8-58A) is given to the student. The 8-58A is to be taken to the school and completed at the end of each week by an appropriate representative of the college (usually a teacher or academic advisor) to verify all scheduled classes were attended and all work completed. The student will then mail the signed and completed form back to the VEC’s payment unit in Richmond for processing. Once the form has been processed two weekly payments will be deposited and a new 8-58A will be mailed to the student for the next two week period.

How are my weekly payments received?

Once the 8-58A’s are processed in Richmond, a payment for the weeks listed on the form are deposited the same way the student received their Unemployment Insurance (UI) payments. If the student was receiving UI payments on the assigned EPPI card, payments will appear on the card; if UI was paid using direct deposit, payments will be placed in the listed bank account.

I still have a balance in my Additional TRA account. How can I get it?

You cannot. As stated above, additional TRA is only available to those actively enrolled in a TAA Approved training program. Should the program be completed and an additional TRA balance remains the money still cannot be used or received.

“Key Points” to keep in mind when interested in TAA Approved Training

  • Trade CANNOT pay for a training program in which a TAA participant used personal funds to complete and is looking to be reimbursed.
  • All training packets must be completed and submitted to the Trade Unit in Richmond, VA for approval 30 days prior to the beginning of class. Do not wait until the last minute to try and enroll in a training program, it may be too late for that semester.

Please note that although there will be multiple individuals per each TAA certified company, not everyone’s case is exactly the same. Should you have specific questions regarding your individual TAA benefits please contact your local VEC Office and make an appointment to see a Trade case manager.