State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES)

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Application for SIDES

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Developed through a strategic partnership between the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) and state unemployment insurance agencies, the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) is an electronic tool to help employers respond to state unemployment insurance (UI) requests quickly, easily, and accurately.

There are two aspects of SIDES:

  • SIDES for TPAs (Third Party Administrators) and large employers
  • SIDES E-Response

SIDES and SIDES E-Response offer employers a secure, electronic and nationally-standardized format to better anticipate and supply the data needed to respond to UI information requests, reduce follow-up phone calls and streamline UI response processes. Both are web-based systems designed to meet the unique needs of businesses large and small.

Benefits of SIDES and SIDES E–Response:

SIDES and SIDES E–Response have the potential to significantly improve the UI information exchange process. While the best option depends on the specific needs of an employer, both systems offer significant benefits:

  • Saves time and money
  • Provided for FREE
  • Reduces staff time
  • Reduces paper work
  • Helps keep UI rates as low as possible by reducing overpayments
  • Provides an electronic, nationally standardized data format
  • Includes data checks to ensure the exchange of complete and valid information
  • Provides tools for a healthier bottom line

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