Reporting Unemployment Insurance Fraud

The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) is committed to ensuring unemployment benefits go to individuals who are eligible to receive them.

However, here in Virginia and throughout the United States, fraud relating to unemployment insurance benefits does take place.

  • Identity theft that is related to Unemployment Insurance, is usually not the fault of the claimant or employer, happens when you believe someone has illegally filed for unemployment benefits using your identity.
  • Fraud takes place when false information is knowingly submitted to receive unemployment benefits. An example of Unemployment Insurance fraud could be a claimant who has returned to work, but repeatedly files weekly claims for benefits, without reporting wages earned.
  • Overpayments can happen when a claimant receives more benefits than they are entitled to.

If you suspect fraud or identity theft related to unemployment insurance benefits, or would like to report an overpayment, please complete the Fraud/Theft/Overpayment form.

If you are unable to complete the form, an agent may assist you in completing the form by calling 1-800-782-4001. This number is only for assistance in completing the online form. With any other claim issue, please contact the Customer Contact Center at 1-866-832-2363.

Reports of overpayment, fraud or identity theft may also be reported by faxing or mailing information to:

The Virginia Employment Commission
Attention: Benefit Payment Control
Post Office Box 27887
Richmond, VA 23261-7887
Fax: 804-692-0580

What To Expect After Reporting Unemployment Insurance fraud

After you report a fraudulent claim, the Benefit Payment Control unit is notified, and they take action to stop any further activity and suspend the claim. Many times, you will not receive any other contact or information regarding the fraudulent claim. Federal regulations, 20 C.F.R. Part 603 prohibits the disclosure of claims information except in very limited circumstances. The alleged fraud must be investigated by a VEC fraud investigator and/or law enforcement.

If you suspect you have been a victim of identity theft, please review steps to take from the Office of the Attorney General at

Potential Scams

We've had reports of scammers attempting to defraud users applying for unemployment insurance. Please make sure you are on this site, or when applying for benefits. View OIG Fraud Alert

The VEC has received information from several customers that they have been contacted by an individual or service regarding their method of payment for receipt of their unemployment compensation benefits.  The e-mail communication advises them to enroll in direct deposit card program online and lists a mailing address in Las Vegas, NV.  PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS COMMUNICATION DID NOT COME FROM THE VIRGINIA EMPLOYMENT COMMISSION OR THE VENDOR WHO PROVIDES DEBIT CARD SERVICES FOR THE COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA.  Neither the VEC nor our debit card vendor would ever communicate with you via e-mail regarding your direct deposit or debit card account.  If you receive the above-mentioned e-mail communication, please be aware it is a SCAM.  Please do not respond and be sure to delete it immediately.

The VEC is not giving away $1,000 gift cards or any other "Gifts" that are being promised.

The VEC maintains many web addresses (URL's). If you visit a site that is not on our list, the site may not be under our control. Please notify us immediately of anything suspicious.  Click Here for a list of official VEC URL's.

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