Let’s make your career a success Join the Virginia Department of Corrections to build your future!

Let’s make a difference in other's lives, please join us at the Eastern Region Office on the following dates:

  • Wednesday May 1st
  • Wednesday May 15th
  • Wednesday May 29th
  • Wednesday June 26th
  • Wednesday July 10th
  • Wednesday July 24th
  • Wednesday August 7th
  • Wednesday August 21st

Bring your resume, same day interviews available for the position below:
- Corrections Officer

We will be accepting applications for Probation Officers

All positions for the VADOC job opportunities can be found at: https://vadoc.virginia.gov/job-opportunities/

The Facilities we will be hiring for is:
- Sussex State Prison Complex - Lawrenceville Correctional Center - Deerfield Correctional Center - Greensville Correctional Center

Recurring Event Details: 
10am to 4pm; Wednesday May 1st, Wednesday May 15th, Wednesday May 29th, Wednesday June 26th, Wednesday July 10th, Wednesday July 24th, Wednesday August 7th, Wednesday August 21st

Eastern Regional Office
14545 Old Belfield Rd
Capron, VA 23829

Type of Event: 
Public Employer Job Fair
Target Area: 
Hampton Roads