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Web Upload: Free Online Filing Services

VEC Reporting Options

VEC offers both Web Upload and Business iFile as a way to file and pay your Unemployment Insurance Tax Reports.

This image takes you the to WebUpload application at VA Tax

Web Upload is a free online filing services, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, you no longer complete and file the paper report/schedule. You can securely file and pay the Employer FC-20 Tax Report and the Employer FC-21 Payroll Report online. You also have the ability to schedule (or warehouse) payments for submission on a future date (up to the due date of the report).

  • Web Upload gives your company the ability to save all report and payment information into a single file to upload to the VEC. Similar types of systems may be referred to as "bulk filing" or "bulk uploading".

File types supported by this system


Logging into the Web Upload system allows you to view the layouts for each of the supported file formats. Sample files can be viewed for the file layouts that use the Excel and delimited formats.

Benefits of Web Upload

  • Web Upload provides instant validation on accepted files and feedback for files that contain errors.
  • Tax professionals and payroll companies who file on behalf of multiple clients can submit report and payment information for multiple accounts.
  • Employers who use payroll preparation software can create Excel spreadsheets for submission. Sample excel layouts for upload are provided on the Web Upload website. We provide the spreadsheet tool below for your recordkeeping, not upload; it must be downloaded and contains Macros that must be enabled in order for the calculations to process correctly. (Download Spreadsheet tool).

Use WebUpload if you:

  • File on behalf of one or multiple companies;
  • Modify your Web Upload layout to match your file and system layout;
  • Create or use an existing file to submit report and payment information together without having to re-key each filing period;
  • View up to 120 days worth of uploaded files;
  • Designate one bank account for all payments in a file or designate a different bank account for each payment in a file. These must be checking accounts.

VEC Web Upload Questions: Please refer to the VEC Web Upload FAQs for additional details. If additional VEC information is needed, please send an email to webuploadVEC@vec.virginia.gov.

Department of TAX Web Upload Questions: Please review the Department of Tax FAQs and Guide This file is in PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 in order to view this file.. If additional TAX information is needed, please send an email to webupload@tax.virginia.gov