For Release:
May 31, 2022
Joyce Fogg

Virginia Employers Now Required to Electronically Register and Submit VEC Unemployment Insurance Claim Information

~ Change Will Improve Outcomes for Individuals Seeking Unemployment Benefits ~

Richmond, VA - With the enactment of legislation from the 2022 Virginia General Assembly, House Bill 270 sponsored by Delegate Kathy Byron and Senate Bill 219 sponsored by Senator Jeremy McPike, employers across the Commonwealth are now required to register with the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) and file documents associated with unemployment claims through electronic means. Previously, employers could do this voluntarily. 170,963 employers who are currently enrolled in the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) or using VEC’s Employer Self-Service (ESS) portal already meet this requirement. Employers who are not currently enrolled need to register through the Employer Self-Service portal. 

“One of the challenges we have seen in addressing the unemployment insurance benefit claims backlog is the tremendous amount of time lost during the fact-finding process that relies on non-electronic means delaying the processing of the claim,” said Commissioner Carrie Roth. “The more accuracy we can have at the beginning of the claim process will improve the outcomes for individuals seeking unemployment benefits they have earned.”

“With employers communicating with the VEC in real time, this will not only increase the speed and efficiency of processing unemployment insurance claims, but also lessen appeals associated with unread notices and mailings,” continued Roth.

The VEC Employer Self-Service portal allows employers to view details of their account while allowing them to do the following:

  • Review and update claim information (including the Employer's Report of Separation and Wage Information);
  • Report the Employers Short-Time Compensation Plan;
  • Review and file appeals documents; and,
  • View historical tax and wage report data.

Employers can "enroll" in Employer Self Service. Users select "VEC Only" and complete the enrollment process.  Employers may apply for a waiver if the electronic filing requirement would create an undue burden.