Report Unemployment Insurance Fraud

The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) needs your help reporting individuals or employers suspected of fraud and unemployment insurance system abuse. Help us ensure Virginia employers’ tax dollars are spent wisely and unemployment benefits only go to benefit-eligible individuals.


Fraud takes place when an individual or employer knowingly misrepresents material facts that allow them to collect Unemployment Insurance Benefits when the individual would otherwise be disqualified or misrepresent any tax liabilities owed VEC.

Information and Instruction

You can report fraud three ways: By Mail, Fax or telephone (See below)

Provide as many details as possible regarding the fraud you’re reporting including:

  1. The name, address, social security number (if available) or individual or business suspected of committing fraud
  2. The business’s name and address involved with the allegation
  3. Specific dates surrounding the allegation, hours or times worked, and specific details that help substantiate the allegation.


You need not provide your name or identifying information to file a fraud allegation unless you want to. Any contact information provided remains confidential.


Virginia Employment Commission
Attention: Benefit Payment Control
Post Office Box 27887
Richmond, VA 23261-7887

FAX (804) 692-0580
Fraud Hotline 1-800-782-4001